Longing For the Unreachable world [album]

The album "Longing For the Unreachable World" was released in August 2002. It is available from most distributors of digital music, like iTunes, Spotify, and CD Baby. Some of the songs are presented in videos on YouTube.

1. Longing (0:43)
Longing is everthing. It is the driving force.
Vocal: Eva Alderborn

2. Secrets (4:05)
Are you absolutely convinced that I instinctively know the way? If not – you must not follow me.
Vocal: Jörgen Ekfors, Backing Vocals: Sven Bornemark, Eva Alderborn and Magnus

3. Unreachable (5:19)
You are so close. You are so unreachable. I can see you living in the other world, but I can never catch you.
Vocal: Susann Dako and Magnus

4. Never Be Like You (5:31)
Even if I do all you want me to do, and even if I say all you want me to say, I will never be like you.
Vocal: Anna Franzén and Jörgen Ekfors

5. Afraid (4:05)
Life is simply much too short for being afraid. This day will never come back again; so grab it, and squeeze it, and drink its juice.
Vocal: Susann Dako and Magnus

6. Careful (6:23)
To be careful is not to avoid the danger. Try to breathe the risk, eat the fear and drink the danger; but what ever you do - do not step aside and hide.
Vocal: Magnus

7. Just a Game (5:14)
If it was just a game for you, I want to tell you that it was much more than that for me. It is so hard to breathe that it feels like you have stolen my air.
Vocal: Susann Dako, Backing Vocal: Anna Franzén

8. Do the Right Thing (3:15)
It's now or never - don't think. Close your eyes - it will help. I hope you will do the right thing.
Vocal: Magnus

9. Easy In My Dreams (7:13)
It is so easy to miss a chance, but it is so hard to let a chance pass by.
Vocal: Magnus, Backing Vocal: Susann Dako

10. Confused (3:50)
Why can't I hear what you are thinking about? Your touch says come with me, so why do you close your door?
Vocal: Magnus

All songs composed, arranged, produced and performed by Magnus.